WorldCleanUp: Bariga Youths declare support towards cleaner environ, clean up Oresegun market

 World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting more than 170 countries across the world for a cleaner planet and advocate for a sustainable environment.

This Action was to sensitize and create awareness on the need to take responsibility in other to make not only by making our home better both also to make our environment sustainable for all. 

Bariga youths on Saturday join the world to mark the World Clean Up exercise which was held at Oresegun market Odo-Eran Bariga.

According to the convener Miz Suliyat Oguns "In 2018, while trying to figure out an impactful way to end inappropriate waste disposal in my community, Bariga and at the same  the same time contribute to my state and country at large. I chose “waste problems’’ as my first challenge to address.

 "Eventually, with the support of JCIN, and Let’s Do It Nigeria, led by Olumide Coker. The stories we created together are short, simple, inspiring, and epic. And yes, I started to believe—it’s doable!

"From there on, I had found my flock, and even though I didn’t have the skills to fly, Green Janitors has helped reverberate the mission across the entire Bariga. 

"I successfully led the World Cleanup Day on the 18th September, 2021 at Bariga bringing almost 200 volunteers from different environmental bodies such as Campus Recyclers, Green alliance, Geocycles. Also, various NGOs such as JCIN FCET, NULASS FCET, LYSC, LIRA foundation, Scout Volunteers, Akoka LEO group; Youth bodies across the council from; APC Youth members, youths from wards across the council, NYCN Bariga, AKD volunteers, CDA youths and all market men and women involved.", she said

However, as a result of the World Cleanup Day, millions of people have had a reason to think about their consumer behaviour, the waste they generate and the amount of resources they consume.

It important to acknowledge that, the strongest impact of the World Cleanup Day 2021 was community participation. This year 2021 World Cleanup Day being the opening event towards further plans aimed at environmental sustainability and creating a chain of environmental conscious individual in our community.

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