Mr. Sesan Abdullah Olowa (JAJA); A representative for all and sundry.

Governance they say is an all encompassing activities of  organizing, coordinating and management of the affairs of human and non human resources in a particular locality.

It is of great importance for every locality(ies) to look inward and outward in chosing who represent them for efficient management and administration in order to bring about desired  development of that area. 

Few amongst what should be considered in choosing a leader are;

• Family background

• Educational background 

• Leadership Experience

• Societal Impact

Considering Mr. Sesan Olowa who posses all these aforementioned as a representative for all and sundry in ibeju lekki , 

-He hails from a reputable family who nurtured him to be a personality that uphold good moral values and culture 

-He is an educated fellow with varying exposure both Home and Abroad

-He has garnered Leadership experience from his days of undergraduate in the four wall of the institution and at the National politics 

-Mr Sesan posses good Social Quotient, being a conscious Politician, he is a representative of a just and equitable society with vast knowledge of financial accountability and proper management of living and non living resources. 

-Jaja as he’s fondly called, has metamorphosed into an astute Public and Private Manager.

He participated,invested his time, monetary resources,rooted knowledge of private/public management and his ability to work in a team bring about the success and emergence of the Lagos East senator. Mr. Tokunbo Abiru. 

-Just like the Amiable Senator of Lagos East, Mr Sesan is a loyal protege, a lover of success and a Board room warrior who had garnered sufficient experience in managing Private and Public funds rise to the level of Manager in the Oldest Financial Bank in Nigeria (First Bank Plc).

At this Juncture, I believe Ibeju Lekki should toll this line and consider Mr. Sesan olowa as the next Chairman of the council.

Ibeju lekki is blessed with so many resources that are yet to be tapped, with the appreciable percentage of economic prosperity of the area , we need someone who understand the processes of transforming productivity to prosperity with efficient management and proper administration.

This among what jaja understood as a resource personality that he is .

Sesan olowa is an acumen personality with financial independent. The good people of Ibeju Lekki need no gainsayer or soothsayer as I urge us all to support the candidacy of JAJA as the next Chairman of our local council, cause he is most qualified among others.

The good people of Ibeju lekki do not need to engage in prejudice or sentiment to select who becomes the next Chairman/Coordinator of her resources when we all know who is capable of taking the area to an enviable destination.

In my short-while of knowing  jaja I can attest to his  vast knowledge of representing all and sundry. 

Sanusi Suleimon writes from somewhere in Owode Labora of Ibeju Lekki Local  Government

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