NANS CRISES: Lagos Chairman Abudulqowiyy Disclaim impersonation of elected Executives (Details)


The attention of the National Association of Nigerian Students Joint Campus Committee Lagos Axis under the Chairmanship of Comrade Busari AbdulQowiyy Adelaja has been drawn to the continuous activities of impostors and fake news attempting to impersonate our Association and identity, while seeking to pass off suspicious, if not disreputable, content to the public as emanating from NANS JCC Lagos Axis.

We are a very ethical association with a clearly defined mandate and principled ethos hinged on delivering the highest standard of socially reliable students representation. As such, we urge the public and readers to be a lot more wary – particularly in these times of the endemic infestation of fake news – of news and information coming from a number of dishonourable sources, attempting to imitate our name and association identity. They are trying to thrive on and create confusion through the inflections of our name – in barely noticeable form – and/or visual character.

As far as we are concerned, some of these news sources that have been trading through different clones on our logo, are also doing so in the malicious endeavours to deceive the public and create credibility issues for our noble association, and union. To avoid being misled in terms of the origin of any news and information being circulated and bearing resemblance to our identity, kindly scrutinise the legitimacy of such news or information claiming to be from “NANS JCC Lagos Axis” carefully. We are not “Council of Lagos State Student Union Presidents” Ours is "National Association of Nigerian Students JCC Lagos Axis".

Disregard any information or news with such rash manifestation, some of which brazenly – yet criminally – appropriate the outlook of our dear Association even as it illegally displays our logo. Any other association laying claim to being a source of genuine students representation in Lagos beyond those listed above is nothing but an illegal creation for the sole purposes of unlawful impersonation, and potentially illegitimate – and, we daresay, criminal – conduct.

As the time affirmed maxim goes, “Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty”, we would also want to let the student community know some meddlesome interlopers in the government who are political jobbers trying to cause disunity among the genuine leadership of the student so as to suit their personal interest. In due time, we will make sure we place them where they belong.

We the Executive of NANS JCC Lagos are primed to continually delivering on socially responsible students association, whilst expanding the space for constant civic engagement with institutions and social processes. We will also keep working with law enforcement to rein in on identity thieves and manipulators, whose ultimate aims are to misinform the public and profit from this, in manners that abuse our sacred mandate as a purveyor of truth and accountability.

Thank you.

Comrade Busari AbdulQowiyy Adelaja
Democratically and Constitutionally Elected Chairman NANS JCC Lagos Axis.

Comrade Yusuff AbdulRasaq
Democratically and Constitutionally Elected General Secretary NANS JCC Lagos Axis.

Governor of Lagos State
Commissioner for Education
House Committee on Education
A.I.G Zone 2
Commissioner of Police
Director DSS Lagos Command

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