NANS CRISES: Executives Writes Sanwo-Olu accused S.A on Education Tokunbo Wahab of Sponsoring Fraction

Open Letter to the Governor of Lagos State on Student Leadership.


It is with all sense of humility and respect that we write to the Executive Governor of Lagos state, Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu to intimate you of certain irregularities being witnessed in the association today. We find it pertinent to write you because, you're in the best position to resolve the crisis so as not to bring undue name-calling which may actually affect the business of governance in the State.

It would be recalled that there has been a healthy relationship between NANS JCC Lagos Axis and the present administration which is being steered by you and it is our sincere hope that the relationship is Sustained.

However, we feel sad and embarrassed to notify you of some negative action being taken by the Special Adviser on Education (Mr Tokunbo Wahab) to destabilise the students' movement not just in our dear Lagos but also within the South West region. This action, if not curbed can metamorphose into something catastrophic in the unpredictable times to come. Though, within him, he may think that he is winning the war which he waged, but, we are confident as an association that there is a grievous turning point ahead.

Your Excellency Sir, though you would agree with us that virtually all the civil society organisation in the country most especially the students' movement are at their nadir, but, as members and office-holders, we hold it as a duty to reawaken the consciousness of Nigerian students and prepare ourselves for the task of governance ahead of us. But, it is highly embarrassing that the SA Education (Mr Tokunbo Wahab) is pocknosing into Students' politics, not as a fence-mender but as a tool of distability which is why the students' movement in the South West and by extension Lagos is in crisis today; FACTIONALISATION.

The NANS JCC Lagos Executives has thrown caution in the air following the news of the splitting of National Association of Nigerian Students JCC Lagos with the formation of a new body called Council of Lagos Students Union Presidents. It was so demoralising to note that such a possible split rears its ugly head from the Student Union President. Forgetting that: Allowing your Union to split will deplete your strength and renders you voiceless. Your ever vibrant critical stance on anti-student policies of the government will soon become irrelevant.

Your Excellency sir, the essence of writing you this letter is for you to, as a father and leader that you are intervene in the lingering crisis and also call the Special Adviser on Education (Mr Tokunbo Wahab) to order, because, the goal and vision of this administration cannot be achieved in a situation whereby there is an unhealthy relationship between the students' body and the State Government.

Aluta Continua!
Victoria Ascerta!!
Amandla Ahwetu!!!


The Governor of Lagos State
The Commisioner for Education Lagos State
The AIG ZONE 2 Lagos State
The Commissioner of Police Lagos State
The Director of DSS Lagos State

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