Nigeria base Car Brand 'Innoson Vehicles' Releases New Models Of Vehicle

Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company has produced and released new models of vehicles. It will be recalled that last year, December 6th, 2019, in a press briefing at the company headquarters in Nnewi, the Chairman/CEO of Innoson Vehicles Chief Dr. Innocent Chukwuma OFR, announced the official release of three new set of vehicle brands namely; IVM Ikenga- a 7 Seater capacity MPV; IVMG20- Smart- also a 7 Seater capacity MPV and IVM Seriki- a 15 Seater Bus.

Innoson Vehicles in addition to the ones earlier released few months ago is proud to announce to the general public another release of four new models of vehicles namely;

1. IVM Caris: Sleek, Sporty And Modern

With an Engine Capacity of 2.0L, IVM Caris is one of our forays into future car designs. With captivating sleeker design, it was produced to give you the all-encompassing comfort, sophistication, and experience you crave for in a modern car. Imbibing our concept of regionalization in car manufacturing, IVM Caris embodies the beauty you want to explore in a car and the strength you need to sustain the experience.

2. IVM Capa: The Indomitable

IVM Capa is a modern MPV that comes in two variant; Standard and Executive. It is designed to provide comfort and strength you need to make your driving a wonderful experience. It has a well suitable seating and storage space you need for an upcountry journey. Explore experience and enjoy the indomitable IVM Capa. The engine capacity is 2.4L Mitsubishi Petrol Engine.

3. IVM G6 (SUV): The African Spotlight

Attractive, sporty and fast can be used to describe IVM G6. Feel the aura of this work of perfection as you drive through the city and upcountry. IVM G6 has everything you desire out of a modern SUV. Enjoy and explore the beauty of IVM G6. The engine capacity is 2.4L Mitsubishi Petrol Engine

4. IVM G6 Carrier Pick Up: Built for Africa

IVM G6C was forged in strength and comfort. This wonder is one of the latest additions among the IVM fleet of pickup trucks. It comes with enhanced features while maintaining the unique features you desire in a modern pickup truck. IVM G6C was carefully designed and masterfully built for speed, strength, and comfort. The engine capacity is 2.4L Mitsubishi Petrol Engine.

These latest model of vehicles has shown that Innoson Vehicles is clearly positioning itself as a manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Our IVM experiences and feedback from our customers and clients indicate that users of our vehicles demands for something special and these are what these new vehicles from Innoson represent.

As the pride of African roads, Innoson Vehicles will continue to ensure that our roads are adorn with vehicles with extra-ordinary features and aesthetics together with a good driving experience.

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