An Open Letter To MTN With Regards To Their Recycling Of Numbers

Dear MTN..

I am going to be very brief on this, but I would make my points very clear.

You people had been doing “recycling of numbers” of innocent Nigerians who had not used their lines for up to one year or more, and the only remedy you guys put in place was to introduce a service known as “Keep My Line”, which you guys did not even sensitize the citizens on or make popular enough, and as a result, lots of the helpless Nigerian citizens did not even know about this service.

This had cause a lot of people to loose their precious numbers just like that, only because they had the opportunity of travelling abroad for some jobs or for studies, or maybe for one serious reason or another had a good cause to temporarily abandon their main lines for more than one year..

MTN, you guys never thought that these recycled lines might had been connected to the original owners bank-accounts, and that the new owners of these lines would now be given express unchecked access to these bank account through the USSD Mobile Banking Methods.

Someone recently bought a new line, and with all the happiness that he was able to still see a “0803...” number still available, the next thing he started seeing were messages from lots of people he never knew, lots of calls from unknown persons mistaking him to be the husband of one certain lady and telling him to hand the phone over to her so that they can talk to her directly.. Meanwhile, this guy had not married. He doesn't even have a serious girlfriend at the moment. To cap it all, he continued receiving series of endless debit and credit alerts on his phones of transactions he knows absolute nothing about.
He first went to the bank to stop the endless alerts, but they told him that he wasn't the one to apply for the change of number, but the original owner of the bank-account.

Now, imagine that this guy here has someone working in the bank who is ready to divulge information to him for some chicken change,, all he needs is just the correct account number of the person, and he would activate the USSD mobile banking options on the bank account..
What if the original owner had already activated USSD Mobile Banking?? In that case, all that the new owner of the line would do is just to dial the USSD mobile banking code for the bank, and start trying his best to change the transaction PIN or Password.

Dear MTN, if you guys may recall,, there is a recent issue which is already in court between You (MTN), Hanan Buhari (President Buhari's Daughter), The DSS, and one Anthony Okolie from Delta State.

To be honest, you MTN are the main cause of all the problems here. You guys blocked off Hanan in the first place and she lost her precious line.. Then you went ahead to sell the same line as a new line to an innocent unsuspecting Anthony.
Tell me, is it his fault that he bought the line..
You guys are totally guilty here.

And the earlier you stop doing this recycling of numbers, the better for you guys.
More criminal cases are still coming.

The case of Anthony Okolie and Hanan Buhari is just the beginning.

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