Imprison of Journalist in Nigeria, a big blow on Professionalism --Caleb Olonitola

Imprison of Journalist in Nigeria, a big blow on Professionalism --Caleb Olonitola

I was at TVC with some progressive thinking minds to brainstorm on challenges currently facing journalist and most especially those once put behind bar because of their act to uncover some practice by government officials.

Recall that Dadiyata, Kefason, Sowore, Jalingo and Abiri among others were put behind bar sometimes ago due to their ways of advocating for improvement in governance. However it's worth of note that Abiri has regain his freedom few days ago, with this I thank the government while we continue to seek for the rapid release of others.

Why contributing my input on the discuss " The future of journalism Risks and Threats"🇳🇬 at TVC . I was able to let my colleagues understand that there's need for all journalist in Nigeria to come together (NUJ) as one to fight for common interest over their personal interest.

On the show I used ASUU as a Case Study meaning,  if ASUU was unable to form a body then that will serve as the voice of the voiceless i believe by now our institutions might have become something of less important, but kudos to them for the brave step which is now yielding them profit in terms of their VOICE on plight facing tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

In conclusion after loads of discussion,  i agreed with the presenter Aunty Morayo and her co-presenters on the show that its high time Journalist come up with a  body that will be the Voice for all in the profession.


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