Ahead of 2019 International Students Day, NANS Leadership holds World Students Press Conference Discussed Lingering Issues (FULL TEXT)

The National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) Lagos axis organized world press conference to address issues facing students in tertiary institutions in Lagos. However the press Conference was to point out the plight the student and her leadership are facing till recent time in Lagos.

According to the NANS Chairman Lagos axis he acknowledged load of challengings are facing the institutions which are not the best practice at this timeout for state and national development.

 Below is the full speech of the NANS Chairman at the Press Conference held.


Gentlemen of the press, members of the Lagos State Economic Advisory Council, My Ever gallant Student Union Presidents and my fellow Nigerian Students, I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the entire students in Lagos State.

National Association of Nigerian Students has lost it Integrity in the sight of an average student in the Country. But ever since the emergence of this present administration of NANS JCC Lagos under my own Leadership Comrade Busari AbdulQowiyy Adelaja, have always plan to engage all Student matters ideologically and formally because I believe it is very important to JOJO than to WARWAR.

There are burning critical issues in the mind of an average Nigerian Students in Lagos State. This is why we have come together to address these issues in the most polite manner expected of an intellectual group, being the umbrella body of all Nigerian students (NANS).

State of Students Welfare in Lagos State
Lagos State is developing and can be felt through the continuous transformation of the democratic processes which is not only acknowledged as one of the most preferable in Africa, but also admired across the world. A stronger and open democracy is feasible, but what comes of our expectations when the institution that ought to strengthen it (democracy) can't sustain it in their immediate environment?

Today, several students are threatened, suspended, rusticated in our tertiary institutions; Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Universities for diabolical reasons which include protesting against exorbitant fee increments. This is inclusive of suspending the union bodies (Students Union Governments) who can speak for the students in their various campuses.

In order to avert the use of protest and the image it may paint to the World, we hereby urge and beseech our governments at various levels to interfere and help us stop the increment in tertiary institutions school fees and also help us bring our voice (SUG) back to Unilag and Yabatech respectively.

SAVE LAGOS 2019 (Students Against Violence Everywhere in Lagos)
Violence is part of everyday life in Nigeria. As the country is striving to reconcile with its past antecedents, it also faces many challenges of the present. One of the most urgent problems is the high crime-rate witnessed within an average street of the largest commercial city of Nigeria, Lagos state, whether it is a result of political, economic and social differences, it at the end give birth to youthful citizens being perpetrators. Though, the Sanwo-Olu led government have within the short while of coming into power made the state much more peaceful than almost all the other states in the country, yet, news of violent crime are becoming so frequent that some tertiary institutions in Lagos state has become inured to them. Although the intensity of immediate reactions to violence mitigates, fear increases.

Therefore, there is a dear need to sensitize our students on violence of any form and the damage it is doing to their career, community and institution they belong to; every sensible individual should know there is no positivity attached to violence either in school or in the society rather it brings downfall to the nations’ productivity level both politically and economically.

In this regard, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Lagos chapter has deemed it fit to host a convergence to discuss “Students Against Violence Everywhere in Lagos (SAVE LAGOS)” and its impact on security, peace and good academic standard in our tertiary institutions and in the state at large. This summit will also feature the presentation of the Pride of the Students Leadership Award to the leadership of the Lagos State Economic Advisory Committee led by our courageous mother and mentor, Mrs Yetunde Akinluyi for her immense contribution to student’s growth within the state while maintaining peaceful atmosphere for effective and efficient learning.

We hereby use this medium to call on the Nigerian Police Force ably led by someone we call our Father CP Muazu Zubairu, Comptroller of Custom Zone A Compt. Aliyu Muhammed, Director of DSS Mr M.S AbdulFattah, NDLEA, EFCC, Government Organisation, NGO's, Private Companies and Private Individuals to partner with us in making this programme a Memorable and record breaking in the history of Lagos State.

The International Student Day is not simply the anniversary of the events that took place in Prague in 1939, but more significant a symbol of what students of the world are fighting for at the local, national and regional levels through the International Union of Students. To this day, the seat of the International Union of Students remained and located on the historic 17th November, in tribute to this struggle and to the courage of Students, especially those who lost their lives in the course of the resistance.

The emergence of the executive governor of Lagos state, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu (BOS) earlier this year was indeed a glorious feat and victory for the entire students in the state because we supported him and followed all his day to day campaign for months with our huge capacity, we engaged him positively during the last international students day in 2018 and we were assured that his victory will bring a positive change in the living standard of our people in the state.

Yes, it is just over 100 days since your emergence, but we can beat our chest boldly with pride that our governor did not disappoint us, you have turned our dear Lagos to a much more peaceful environment where anyone can invest and be rest assure of no security threats like we witnessed in other state especially in our school environments.

Earlier before this administration, it has always been in form of a walk from Students across the state from IKEJA under bridge to Alausa to express their grievance in the State of Education in Lagos state. But under this current NANS JCC Lagos Administration, the students’ leadership in Lagos State therefore wishes to cease this opportunity to celebrate the 2019 International Students’ Day with His Excellency, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu as a breakfast meeting. While major issues relating to students-government relationship can be better positioned.

According to our research, it was gathered that as part of plans to reduce the promotion of ‘INCOMPETENT’ pupils from SSS II to SSS III, the state Ministry of Education implemented a new policy.

The policy recommends that for a pupil in SSS II to be promoted to SSS III and the state to pay the West African Examination Council (WAEC) fees, the pupil must pass the third term Examination.

Besides passing English and Mathematics, the scripts were also taken to different schools for grading. This is contrary to the previous method where a cumulative of first, second and third term results guaranteed promotion.

In our findings, we find out that Teacher’s attitude also hinder learning especially when one does not present oneself as a high intellectual and formidable person. “A quack Doctor is capable to handle an individual at a time but a bad teacher can ruin not only the individual but also a Nation. The state is faced with the problem of competent teachers in Mathematics and English which is the major causes of this mass failure in our Secondary Schools.

The State Ministry of Education also has a direct role to play as it relates to discipline of both the student and the teacher, supervision of teaching and learning and preparation of students well enough for examination.

Also, “An effective mental health for principal includes emotional, stability, maturity of character and a large capacity of frustration tolerance with the strength to withstand the strain and stress inherent in running today’s Nigeria secondary school without undue fiscal or psychological disequilibria”.

Many principals are faced with managerial difficulties especially those who lack human relationship cannot execute effective administrative duties in the schools. For example, a school that lacks discipline hardly achieves the aim and objective of the educational system. Through these factors enumerated above, it could be seen that, there are many causes attributed to mass failure in our Senior Secondary School Examination.

We understand that Examination is the only instrument that could evaluate the performance of both students and teachers at the end of their school career. And don’t also forget that, the Success or failure of the student in examination is a clear manifestation of the student academic activities during the teaching. Success or good performance determines a brighter future for the student while failure is disastrous as it always indicate a dropout which is the common effect in the area of the study.

Finally, we believe that all our aforestated will definitely aspire the Commissioner for Education Mrs Folashade Adefisayo to seek for possible recommendations and solution to students, teachers and government to bring an end to student mass failure in our Secondary School Examination and to improve student performance in the future examination in their respective school and also other part of the country having similar Educational problems.

We also use this medium to seek the involvement and partnership of highly influential Personalities like Michael Otedola, Mike Adenuga, Dangote, NGOs to support the state government to fund Education in the state so as to ease them of the huge amount allotted for the WAEC FEE in Lagos State

We call for urgent action to address sexual harassment against students. It is so barbaric that the issue of sexual harassment against women was not unique to Universities, but has become prevalent in the society, including religious settings.
We hereby condemned sexual harassment against students totally; it was unacceptable as the nation’s Educational system had suffered many setbacks that had hindered its development.

We believe it is our responsibility time to speak up, speak out and stand by victims of sexual abuse, saying the culture of silence must end.  There are laws to protect victims of sexual harassment and abuse, but such laws cannot operate except victims speak out to get justice. We need to be accountable for the well being and care of our students, ensure justice for survivor of sexual abuse and the political will to prosecute and punish offenders.

This simply has to change. It is no longer enough to sweep allegations under the carpet or force victims to withdraw their allegations, victimize or stigmatize them. Women dignity and self respect should outweigh whatever challenge they face, we shall support fully to ensure a sexual abuse free society for our female students.

Universities should have clear sexual and violence policies that will protect students and the sanctity of the educational system. Also, Universities need to be accountable for the well being and care of the students, ensure justice for survivor of sexual abuse and the political will to prosecute and punish offenders.

We commend the BBC team for their hard work, bravery and tenacity to expose the ills facing students in the country’s tertiary institutions. We urge the society to desist from shaming survivors of sexual abuse, rather name, shame and punish offenders to serve as deterrents to others.

We also advocate for a safe environment that would enable women share their experiences without fear, and ensure diligent investigation and prosecution of offenders of such allegations.  We collectively amplify their voices against issues of sexual harassment and abuse against girls and women.

God bless the Gentlemen of the Press,
God bless NANS JCC, Lagos axis,
God bless Lagos State,
God bless Nigeria.

On this note, we say:
Aluta Continua!
Victoria Ascerta!!
Amandla Ahwetu!!!

Comrade Busari Adelaja
Chairman National Association of Nigerian Students,
NANS Lagos State.

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