Despite 800 New BRT Buses, See How Lagos Bus Terminals Look On Monday Morning

Lagos, the center of aquatic splendor is definitely not a place you dull yourself on a Monday morning especially those living on Mainland who are working on the Island, it's normally a tussle as everyone is trying to meet up with appointment, offices and not to be caught in traffic reason why it's being called the rush hour! Mondays are usually hectic and busy with few or no bus for commuters who have no choice than to wait on a long queue.

This is the crowd at Lagos bus terminals on a typical Monday morning. This is the Berger-Ikeja BRT terminal and you can imagine the crowd at this place despite no buses at sight.

There’s a popular song by the Afrobeat musician, the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, which says, “in Lagos, you must approach everything you do on Monday morning with a sense of urgency”.

Despite the introduction of 800 new BRT buses to the roads, it still looks as if no impact was made in terms of transportation in the city of Lagos. Transportation is the pilot that moves a megacity such as Lagos, it is, therefore, essential that the state government should design a long-lasting road map that will be sustainable and curb all traffic jams being experienced in the city of Lagos.

We can allow the Uber, Bolt, OBus, of this world to provide an alternative to the middle class who are looking for a service that provides comfort as close to their private cars.

Provision of decent public transportation service to the population at the bottom of the pyramid is where mass transit has its greatest strength and this is where our captive market is located.

Photo Credit:
Seyi Osiyemi

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