Ikeja LG Council Chairman Dr. 'Mojeed' Deliver New Road, Seek for Proper Maintain Of Roads




June 13, 2019.

Constructed modern drainage system alongside road rehabilitation in Anifowoshe

…Clamours for road maintenance and other public utilities and facilities

The Executive Chairman of Ikeja Local Government Area, Dr Mojeed Alabi Balogun, embarked upon, completed and delivered on the rehabilitation of the roads within Ikeja LGA. The road projects which were fully and nicely rehabilitated within the areas include Olawaiye street Anifowoshe, Samota Faola street, Seidu Ajibowu street, Church Street, Fadeyi Street, amongst others. The road projects were carried out by a team of expert civil engineers in the field of road construction. Recall that the Chairman recently upgraded the drainage system in some areas of Anifowoshe, Ikeja, Specifically, the road rehabilitation in Olawaiye Street was not the without the construction of a good drainage system for easy passage of waters inside the gutters. This to the Chairman is one technical way of avoiding over-flooding in rainy seasons as we are presently in such season now.

Speaking on the project in a statement as conveyed by Anuoluwa Openiyi, Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Chairman, the apex Council leader emphasized on the need to ensure the provision of the good road network for the people of Ikeja Local Government Area. ‘I believe when good road system is been made available for use for our people, it will ease the movement of everyone within the locality. Social and economic activities will be encouraged and life will be worth living by the citizens’, the Council Chairman posited.

The Council Chairman further stated that the essence of grassroots governance is to have meaningful impacts in the lives of the people of the community. One of the ways through which this can be done is to carry out projects which directly affect positively the lives of the people and their families. These are one of the ways through which the electorates can enjoy the dividends of democracy.

On the maintenance of public utilities, Dr Mojeed Alabi Balogun clamours for proper and healthy use of each and every utility which the government is providing for the grassroots. In his words, ‘it is not enough to have beautiful projects delivered to people of the community, another thing that is highly imperative is the maintenance of these projects. As public administrators, we are always fulfilling our own part by providing basic infrastructures such as this, and these are evident in the newly constructed road project in areas as highlighted above. However, we want you all as members of the public to fulfil your own part too by adequately maintaining these basic amenities for continuous use for all’, the Council Chairman said.

The Council Boss assured the people of Ikeja community that more community-based projects will be provided for the people as he encourages everyone to be in support of good governance which the All Progressives Congress is currently doing in this present political dispensation at the Local, State and Federal Level.

Anuoluwa Openiyi,
Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Chairman
Ikeja Local Government.

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