Breakings News: Issued Ultimatum, Okorocha Produces Handover Note To Ihedioha(Photos)

The truth is that the constant talk about handover is becoming irritating, it is beginning to make Imo a butt of the craziest jokes. Some serious minded governors have hit the ground running, while my new governor is busy giving one excuse or the other.

Ihedioha can get anyone or even a band of sycophants to trumpet the falsehood about handover to the highest heavens, but, he won't be able to convince any serious minded observant that he is not serious about governance, if he continues to emphasize on this handover issue.

The handover notes, by Information available to me, was fully ready as at 28th of May, 2019. Ihedioha's refusal to come forward for the handover didn't stop the handover, as the documents are available and could be accessed by the new governor, if he so wishes.

Ihedioha understands that handover notes are more helpful to the outgoing governor more than it is to him, the incoming governor. It could be that Imo's new governor had his mind made up on vendetta, even before he took office. He would have wished that Owelle Rochas Okorocha did not prepare handover notes, so that he could go ahead to manufacture any figures on liabilities and hang them on the head of his predecessor. Fortunately, Owelle prepared a comprehensive, 422 page handover notes to his successor.

Ihedioha's continued nagging on handover notes, portrays him as a man without the relevant preparations on leadership. Is he telling us that if he had come into power as a result of the death of a predecessor, he wouldn't have known how to set the ball of State rolling in his own terms?

The bureaucracy is set up in a barracks format, that is; soldier go, soldier come, barracks remain the same. A governor determined to work would have got down to work as soon as he is sworn in, without looking for excuses.

By effluxion of time, Owelle Rochas Okorocha's tenure as governor of Imo State terminated at 12:59 am on Tuesday, 28th May, 2019 and Ihedioha became the governor sometime around 11am after the oath of office was administered on him. He inherits all assets and liabilities of the State, immediately after that, and if he was forward looking enough, he is expected to have begun marshalling out his policies and programs immediately.

I have always known that Chief Emeka Ihedioha would be Owelle Rochas Okorocha's biggest image maker, but I didn't expect it to have happened so fast. It is barely five days since he assumed office, and if an independent credible opinion poll is conducted today, you will find out that Governor Okorocha's approval rating has soared.

Let our governor get to work. There is no time, and Imo people are not ready to have anyone waste their time further.

I hope, our governor is not spending our 48 billion Naira liquid cash, handed over to him by Owelle Rochas Okorocha on buying off these empty skulled legislators? That's not what we expect that money to be spent on. We need work, and nothing else but more work. And the members-elect retreat at Oguta?


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