Children Day Celebration: Somolu Council Boss 'Dullar' Message to Children(Details)



Today, I join millions of parents to celebrate this special day of our children, the reasons behind our labour and efforts.

We must realise that our children are all geniuses in their areas. We, as parents, are the best mentors they should have and trust for their dreams to come true.

For every child, there is a giant that can make them climb every mountain, achieve every goal and explore maximally in their endeavours.

To make them achieve their potential, we must give them their right. Our children have the right to a stable, loving and nurturing environment. The right to good health care and nutrition. The right to clean water, electricity power and safe environment. The right to a quality education. The right to equal opportunities. The right to parental guidance with love and care. The right to express themselves in matters concerning children.

As we celebrate another children's day in Nigeria at large and Somolu in particular, may God continue to bless, guide and protect our children to make them achieve and rediscover the giant genius in them.

Happy Children's Day!

Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu
Executive Chairman,
Somolu Local Government.

May 29, 2019.

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