9th NASS Leadership: We Are Not Part Of Invisible Meeting Held By South East -- National Youth Council South/W Warn


NASS LEADERSHIP: National Youth Council of Nigeria, SouthWest distance itself from invisible meeting held by South East.

Vice President Southwest, Saliu Adekunle warns South East to take regional issues to their regions, not to the centre.

The Press Release which emanated from the NYCN Deputy President Comr. Innocent Nduanya, with regards to the National Assembly Leadership, came as a surprise to the hierarchy of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN). The said release sought to call  President Muhammad Buhari's attention, in seeking leadership slot. It should be noted that Comr. Innocent Nduanya who hail from South East, is driven by his personal agenda in the shadow of NYCN.

The Youth Council is non-political. Notably from their point of view, it is clearly that their decision is regional ethnocentric and not from the NYCN headquarter as claimed. No meeting whatsoever was held to arrive at such aired decisions. NYCN South East should sort its affair in their region to avoid ethnical issues within the Youth Council or beyond. The youth council is nationalistic and tribal sentiments has no place with us.


1. "By Nigerian Constitution, our leaders are aware of what is required of them, regardless of their political interests, which we don't expect to marred the nomination of the leadership of the Upper Chamber.

2. "The party’s leadership must take unprejudiced steps to provide an equitable zoning arrangement for the incoming 9th National Assembly leadership.

3 "And what is important to Nigerians is the emergence of a tenacious leadership, that will ensure good governance, which is expected to yield great fortune for the country.
"We urge the public to disregard such reports suggesting that the National Youth Council of Nigeria as a body had settled for a particular aspirant for any leadership position at 9th Assembly. In party affairs, you budge alone without dragging the NYCN to it. The youth council wasn't established to be fencing support for political parties, but affairs of Nigerian Youths at all levels, be it Federal, State or Local's, which is the ultimate objective.

"NYCN Southwest encourages the Presidency and APC to support the best candidate for National Assembly Leadership Positions with merits, without race, region, tribe and religion among others. The only one thing we are seeking as a National body is the inclusions of Youth in governance. Thus, we appeal to the Presidency, and Southwest Governors to appoint more agile, willing and qualified youths into leadership positions across board.

"The Youth Council should be given a well-defined aperture to allow our Youth make unique impact in this new regime, by contributing immensely & positively to all communities, which we are hopeful will help in strengthening the communities by eradicating unforeseen lapses in the country. By building our Youth, we are indeed building the Nation."

SouthWest Media Team
National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN
May 16th, 2019.

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