Yahaya Bello Lists 110 Achievements In Office Ahead Of Kogi 2019 Election

As Kogi State prepares for Governorship election comes November 4th 2019. In a document available to Native Reporters, the incumbent APC Governor, Yahaya Bello seeking reelection has listed 110 achievement within Three Years Six Months in office.

They are:

1. Reduction of ghost workers
2. Sanitation of civil service workers in the state
3. Democratic Humanist
4. Security Engagement
5. Payment of three months salary abandoned by his immediate predecessor
6. Epitome of power shift
7. Epitome of inconclusive electoral reform
8.Detribalised governor
9. unifier governor
10.Breaker of ethnic jingoism
11.Provision of 200 utility vehicles for security operation.
12. Freedom of expression in the state
13. Destruction of intelligence gathering at the detriment of criminals
14. Best governor in security programne
15. Restore confidence to local and foreign investors
16. Farmers are now more confident than ever before.
17. Father of new direction agenda
18. Youth Ambassador in governance

19. Purchased over 500 motor cycles as security outfits to reduce crimes

20. Construction of Army forward operation at different places in the state

21. Training of forest guards

22. Recruitment of thousands of vigilante Corps to enhance security

23. Provision of free Toll Lines to enhance good information

24. Creation of dialogue and cooperation platform for peace between the herdsmen and farmers.

25. Training of security personnel

26. Establishment of health plus prpgramme

27. Renovation, remodelling and reequipping 21 primary health centres in all the 21 local government.

28. Provision of free maternal and newborn health care services

29. Saving of 168 patients with life threatening issue

30. Procurement of assorted custonerized paediatric drugs for the state

31. Adoption of Clorhexidine gel for umbilical cord care

32. Prompt payment of counterpart fund to partners

33. Addressed the menace of quackery in the health profession

34. Enhanced the state sustainable Drug supply system

35. Unparalleled response to medical emergency situation

36. Introduction of PPP (Public Private Partnership onto the health sectors.

37. Having the likes of performing and hardworking aides as Asuku Jamiu, Abubakar Ohere, Abdulmalik Abdulkarim, Professor Ahmed Adam, etc in his government.

38. Establishment of Confluence Advance Medical Diagnostic and Imaging Centre ( CAMDIC)

39. Give facelift to the College of Nursing, Obangede

40. Renovation of Zonal hospital in Kabba (Kogi West), Idah ( Kogi East) and Okene (Kogi Central).

41. Construction of cottage hospital in Kpareke

42. Massive renovation and construction of new hostel and clinics at the School of Nursing Obangede,

42. Construction of administrative block at the School of Health Technology, Idah

43. Strengthening of the State Action Committee on HIV/AIDS

44.Established modality of workplace Diagnosis to prevent workplace Deaths as a result of unknown or lately discovered health condition

45. Unprecedented agricultural revolution in the state just as in the Agricultural Renaissance Policy of the Federal Government to ensure good security and promotion of non oil sector for economic transformation.

46. Encourage Youth to key into farming through orientation, sensitisation, mechanisation input subsidiary

47. Facilitating loans for farmers to encourage mechanization and improved production of food.

48. Clearing of 1000 hectares of land across the state which were allocated to youthful farmers with farm inputs and agric machines services.

49.. Procurement of 375 Fergus Tractors with complete implements, three quantities each for Mini Harvesters, Planters, Broom Sprayers, Rice Reapers and other similar equipment to enhance agricultural activities and boost production.

50. Procurement and assemblage of 1500 Tillers which were distributed to small scale farmers in 2017.

51. Along the value chains, Agriculture has created about 20,000 jobs for Kogites, thereby depopulating the unemployed demography in the state.

52.. Contributed in no small measure to the cultivation of 3000 hectares of rice and 5000 hectares of cassava in the state.

53. In order to bridge the gap in vegetable production using the advantage of the nodal location of the state, the State Government has established a state of the art greenhouse Farm at Osara to produce tomatoes and other vegetables.

54. Keying into the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Accelerated Agricultural Development Scheme (ADS) through payment of the State’s counterpart fund. the Ministry of Agriculture has constructed 500 fish ponds as a pilot scheme and have been handed over to over 1000 youth across the state to own and operate.

55. In a related development, over 300 youth will also be empowered in Akpata Ega in Idah Local Government where 400 ponds have already been constructed. This is being replicated in all the Senatorial Districts in the state. The main scheme is targeting 10,000 youth across the state.

56. In collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the State Government took delivery and distributed 76btruck-load of inorganic fertilizer to farmers at a subsidized rate to boost soil fertility.

57. As the leading producer of Cassava in Nigeria and coupled with the guaranteed security of investors, Kogi State has been able to attract the biggest ethanol company in Nigeria known as Unicane. The company uses cassava as its main raw materials, thereby sparking massive production of the crop. Kogi farmers have never been richer.

58. The Federal Government must have seen the seriousness of the State Government in promoting agriculture when it nominated the latter as the pioneer state for the National Egg Production Scheme. 135 youth are empowered with N4.2 million each to support their poultry farms.

59. The Omi Dam success story is a massive testimony of the achievement of the Yahaya Bello-led administration in agriculture. The scheme is positioning the state as the rice detination of Nigeria. The State Government has also empowered hundreds of youth to grow rice in the riverine areas of the state.

60. Thousands of farmers across the state have benefitted from the Anchor Borrowers Scheme of the Federal Government.

61. Ongoing construction of the Kogi State Rice Mill at Omi. Apart from the massive Mill at Omi, others with smaller capacities are being constructed at different locations across the state. Good Governance and Institutional Reforms The cog in the wheels of our progress as a state had been the wanton disregard for institutional correctness and reforms. The following are verifiable achievements in this area:

62. The Bureau for Public Procurement was rejigged by the present administration under the leadership of a new Director-General, Dr Stella Adejoh. The pragmatic woman was given the job based on competence acquired through training both nationally and internationally. Today, the Bureau has restored sanity in public procurement and has woven a water-tight net that has made corruption almost impossible. The efficiency of the Bureau has been one of the reasons the Governor has been able to combat corruption in public procurement. Due process is the order of the day in Kogi State contractual dealings today.

63. The Bureau of Public /Private partnership has been repositioned to engage the private world in businesses that were used as conduit pipes to defraud the state in the past. Today, the Bureau has been able to facilitate some blue-chip deals that have added value to the state as well as elevate our respectability in the business community. Governor Yahaya Bello has used the BP3 to improve Kogi State’s acceptability in the business world and in the international community.

64. The Tax Reforms of the Yahaya Bello Administration has impacted positively on the finances of the state. It will be right to say that without the reforms, it would have been impossible to survive the current financial depression occasioned by the reckless borrowing and stealing of the past. On the assumption of Office, the Governor granted the Board of Internal Revenue autonomy. It became the Kogi State Internal Revenue Service. The government built and delivered, a gigantic Revenue House, which has added to the aesthetic beauty of the capital city. Competent hands were employed and revenue administration became digitalized. What we have today is a product of having a youthful and digital Governor at the helms of affairs who is digitally mobile and intellectually poised to move the state forward. Today, revenue has moved from the paltry N350 million naira that we inherited from the Idris Wada Administration to nothing less than N1.3 Billion naira monthly.

65. The Civil Service Reforms was a monster that many administrations before the incumbent avoided as a result of the fear of losing elections. Powerful Kogites who have so enriched themselves at the expense of the people of the state were involved in loading the payrolls of government with thousands of fictitious names to defraud the state. Governor Yahaya Bello refused to be cowed. He dared the cabal and stopped the stealing through a rigorous and thorough verification exercise. Mind-boggling revelations were left at the wake of the exercise and today, the government didn’t only succeed in removing ghost names from the service but have also digitalized the operations of the service as well as re-engineer the work psychology of the civil servants. A massive achievement that has set the state on the path of progress.

66. The present administration in the state has been able to promote peace and unity through detribalized leadership. The Governor has succeeded in spreading appointments and projects in a way never witnessed in the history of the State. The people of the state now trust one another. There are peace and harmony. Rural Electrification Electricity is pivotal to industrial development. In order to catalyze the economy of the state, Alh. Yahaya Bello-led administration has intervened to deliver the following electrification projects:

67. Completion of the Lokoja(Banda)-Kotonkarfe electrification project. This has brought succour to the people of the area and sparked industrial development to promote production and generate jobs as well as improve the living standards of the people.

68. The Electrification Project of Abejukolo in Omala Local Government Area. The people were grateful that it was a Governor from Kogi central that has decided to give them electricity despite the failure of their own son to do it despite being at the helms of the state’s affairs for 9 years.

69. Improvement of power to the electrification project of Agassa Town in Okene Local Government Area of the state.

70. Intervention to restore power to Ogori Community in Kogi Central

71. Intervention to restore power to the Isanlu Community after many years of darkness. It should also be noted that the Governor has used his personal resources to restore power to Takete Ide Amuro and Ayede Communities. Infrastructural Development

72. In order to improve on the road infrastructure of the state, the administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello procured modern technology in road construction. Construction equipment were imported to raise the capacity of KOGROMA to deliver quality roads at a lower cost to the state. This has paid off as we have better roads constructed or rehabilitated by the Agency.

73. The Ongoing rehabilitation of Shintaku/Gboloko/Dekina road. This is a major road in the Eastern flank of Kogi State.

74. Construction and rehabilitation of Lokoja Township road

75. Ijowa-Jege-Ife-Olukotun road

76. Ankpa Township Road

77. Provision of solar-powered streetlights in Lokoja

78. Many other road projects too numerous to mention that are in advanced stages of completion Education Education is at the top of the Thematic Areas of the New Direction Agenda. It is the best resource of any society and the bulwark for development and transformation. The administration has embarked on the following projects in the educational sector:

79. Ongoing construction of GYB Model Primary Schools across the 239 Wards of the state.

80. Remodelling of our legacy schools across the state to meet international standards.

81.. Construction of 50-bed capacity hostel at Government Girls Secondary School, Obangede

82.. Construction of Library Extension at Kogi State College of Education (Technical), Kabba

83. Completion of the hostel project at Government Science Secondary School, Icheke in Omala Local Government Area

84. Restructuring of the Ministry of Education and its agencies to guarantee a good education for the people of Kogi State

85. Several ongoing projects at the Kogi State University, Anyigba and the Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja Employment and Empowerment

86. Apart from the employment in Forestry and Vigilante service, the government has also employed health officers, law officers and other categories of the workforce.

87. The State Government has also set up a fund through which it has been paying tuition fees for indigent students across the state

88. Thousands of youth and women were trained and empowered through the Office of the Special Advisers to the Governor on SDG and Job Creation

89. The State Government has also sponsored the management of critical health conditions both at home and abroad. The fund has helped save many lives. 

90.. Renovation of the State House of Assembly Complex, Lokoja. Today, the Assembly Complex can compete favourably with others around the country.

91.. Construction of the Kogi State Ministry of Justice Office Complex, Lokoja.

92.. Construction of the Kogi Revenue House.

93. Construction of the SDG House. Government Relations with Traditional Rulers The Administration of Alh. Yahaya Bello through the State Ministry of Local Government has been able to foster a robust relationship between government and the Royal Fathers. The following have been achieved:

94. Majoriy of the disputes relating to the installation of Royal Fathers have been resolved out of court.

95. Grading of royal stools has been regular, just and fair

96. Regular meetings of the Traditional Council to deliberate on issues that affect their people.

97. Robust relationship between the Traditional Rulers and aliens in their domains such as the Fulani, Tivs and many others. This has enabled peace and unity in the communities.

98. Amicable settlement consulted of communal disputes before they degenerate into a serious crisis.

99. The Traditional Rulers are and carried along in taking important decisions or formulation of crucial policies.

100. Renovation of palaces and royal institutions across the state.

101. An awakened sense of culture among the people as the government encourages cultural renaissance.

102. Unbanning of great cultural festivals in the Igala Speaking part of the state by Governor Yahaya Bello. Sports and Youth Development

103. The repackaging and enhancement of the state’s male and female football teams.

104. Provision of new buses for the sports teams of the state

105. Adequate funding of sports in the state.

106. The state has won many laurels in football, judo and other sporting events both in Nigeria and outside the country.

107. Kogi State under the New Direction agenda is fast becoming the home of Beach Soccer in Nigeria. We are the Champions of the 2018 Edition of Kebbi Beach Sallah Tournament.

108. The Handball Teams of the state are doing very well nationally and internationally. The recently won many national laurels and will be representing the country in some international competitions around the world.

109. The State Ministry of Youth and Sports have launched sensitization programs and campaigns against Drug Abuse, Cultism, Examination Malpractices and other societal vices across the three Senatorial Districts of the state.

110. The administration of Alh Yahaya Bello has transformed Lokoja from being the second dirtiest State Capital in Nigeria to become the second cleanest capital in the country with better roads and streetlights among others. A number of road projects across the state have been completed such as the Ankpa Township Roads while others are in advanced stages across the three Senatorial Districts.

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