Written by
Tunde Akere
The SA media to the chairman ,
Bariga LCDA .


The election that brought in Hon Olufemi Sowande has come and gone, the representative of Ward C that has been missing in the legislative arm of Bariga LCDA since the demise of  Late Hon Wale Awokoya is now back, all thanks to the people of ward C that came out in their thousand under the scorching sun to vote for the APC candidate, Sowande .

Just like commentators said that it was a litmus test, and that is what it ended up to be, the opposition PDP fought hard to win 4 polling units in that ward. That was a big message been sent to our party, to our party leader, elders, and to the members as well.  we need to strengthen up toward the general election , we need to work even more for all the APC candidates  from the presidency to governorship,  to the senate, house of reps and assembly , we need to win and win convincingly. We need to live up to our slogan of Bariga ........Ibo , ibo oloyi.
Presently , there have been accusations and counter accusations flying about regarding the plans by some people to cut corners and perpetrate other malpractices . However , the onus still rests on the shoulders of the APC members in Bariga  to make the 2019 election a success story or otherwise, and I know they will choose the latter.

We are in capable hands already, we have in our council chairman , Hon Kolade Alabi, a man of  honour, integrity and dignity. Alabi has the leadership quality which goes with creativity, sensitivity, compassion, innovation, courage, vision, character, competence and a very high dosage of patriotism. He is an embodiment of transparency and accountability. He bringing about a more dynamic way of administering the affairs of the party, sacrificing his comfort to work tirelessly for the party. The way he drives the wheel of his administration is an example of who he is. So we need to compliment his effort to secure the victory we are all yearning for.

Let's get it right  , and I can say without mincing words that all the  party faithfuls felt fulfilled by the success of yesterday's election . Therefore , it is very necessary to mention here that my opinion is informed by patriotism and not for self- recognition

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