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Student International Celebration Today, Let Mourn Our Education Sector instead.

The student body of all various tertiary institution across Nigeria still stand for one voice when it comes to National Education plight and any attempt to use a divide and rule way is dead on arrival.

Recall that few days ago the National Association of Nigeria Student (NANS) pledged with the Federal Government to have a lasting solution to the striking lecturers in other not to make the student and the academic calendar suffer a big blow for their rift, just  yesterday 16th November ASUU met with the Federal Government in a round table discussion as regard the distasteful strike but to my greatest surprise the meeting ended in deadlock while strike continues.  We the Nigeria student have been seeing reasons to celebrate annual International Day in the past with various academic capacity but this year should be a mourn day by all concern, progressive and patriotic student  instead of celebration as usual.

May I remind you greatest Nigeria Student that back in 2013/2014 academic session the College of Education Union (COEASU) went on unexpected strike to welcome fresher's on campus across 47 colleges of Education Institutions and to put on hold all academic activities regardless to the student disadvantage. May I continue to remind you the bitter strike which lasted for good 5 months Plus. My greatest concern now is that this same College of Education Lecturers has been on strike for some months before the proposed NLC strike and ASUU Ongoing strike, but the Federal government is not even giving them full attention as expected, probably I will say because they are college of education.

My question is when is Federal Government going to put a lasting solution to the Education sector if indeed Education is the best legacy as we all claim.

Indeed the challenges of Nigeria Education sector a call for national mourning, permit me to continue my tenses with fact why student need not to celebrate this day 17th November 2018 international day.  The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) declared nation wide strike of all state and Federal Universities in Nigeria, well according to the president of the Union Prof. Ogunyemi he said the Union is fighting for some memorandum of understanding agreed by the Federal Government in 2017 but not implemented till date, lack of proper funding among others.

I will conclude by saying the government is not interested in public universities as the children of the top politicians and rich men in the society patronize private universities Nigeria at the detriment of public institutions in our dear country, they promise us good Education but indeed it is good education from their view not ours

I am indeed sad not because am not within the four wall of classroom but because the strike has increase the number of undergraduate students in the street ahead of the forthcoming general election to be use as thugs because of their joblessness and out of school medicine.

We the student are not happy until the strike is put to hold and the government provide a lasting solution to the welfarism of the universities across all states in Nigeria.

After this snippet tenses I hereby call on all Patriotic Nigeria Student leaders and students to ignore International Celebration Day let mourn our Education status in Nigeria because  anything that happen today becomes history to tell tomorrow.

NLC and Federal Government on minimum wages saga, watch out.

I remain my humble self 
Caleb Olonitola
One time XYZ from South West.

God bless Nigeria Students

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