Independence Anniversary:Oyebona, Alabi, Dullar, Abiru, Diya Celebrates Nigeria at 58

Office Of The Councillor of Ward A/Deputy leader Bariga Lcda Legislative Arm Happy Independent to all patriot Nigerians If we desire a society of peace, then we cannot achieve such a society through violence. If we desire a society without discrimination, then we must not discriminate against anyone in the process of building this society. If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end, if we desire a local council of all inclusive then we need to continue to love one another
"With this I say Happy Independent to all of us, may the effort of our heros shall not be in vain." Amen ###God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria ###God bless Lagos State ###God Bless Bariga Local Council I Thank You All Honourable Oyebona Olawale Council of Ward A, Bariga Local Council KOLADE ALABI CONGRATULATE NIGERIAN ON INDEPENDENCE DAY, THANKED BARIGA PEOPLE FOR THEIR SUPPORT Today, 1st of October marked the independence day of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. When the founders of Nigeria assembled dispassionately declared Nigeria's Independence to the world, and the purpose of Nigerian people to the Creator, they dreamt of a Nation that will rise to the fore front of global excellence.
It is quite understandable that our progression has been foot dragging which occur as a result of mismanagement of the affairs of the Nation by some of our past leaders. God has eventually given us a leader in person President Muhammadu Buhari to pilot the affairs of this Nation to the desired direction. What has gone wrong over the years can't easily be corrected, this is where we all have to come together to support with our unequivocal prayers and supports for the administration.
To my dear people of Bariga, I cherish and appreciate your support from the beginning of my administration till this very moment. *The progress of Bariga is dear to my heart* . “The labor of our past leaders should not be in vain. As we rejoice today, let’s remember them and pledge to always strive hard towards upholding the freedom and unity they fought for." Do have a wonderful Independence Day. Hon Kolade Alabi Chairman, Bariga LCDA INDEPENDENCE DAY MESSAGE TO SOMOLITES My great people of Somolu, It’s Independence Day, a great achievement of our dear country which our heroes lived, fought and died for several years ago. Our community, Somolu, a commercial area that can’t be undermined in Nigeria and beyond for commercial printing and trading, is getting much better to live and do business. As a government, we are overwhelmed by your trust, believe, supports and prayers to keep us going and making us to progress in doing better every day.
The over 13 roads that were completed are to make roads network easily accessible for residents and visitors of Somolu. From Ige street at Ijebutedo to Onafowokan street, the Community Development Committee (CDC) are protecting government infrastructures as they truly belong to the community and must be protected. . The lost glory of government schools are now rejuvenating to make us give qualitative support to schools and pupils. Be rest assured that we won’t relent, we will give more to the schools to enrich our children educationally. The elderly people welfare packages are increasing periodically as our senior citizens are smiling home with their respective packages. It is our duty to give to you, it is your right to receive from us. Your supports are enormous for our Somolu to thrive has strengthen us to do more in the moral and financial assistance to solve medical and domestic challenges. . Personnel of Police Stations in Pedro, Onipanu, Alade and Ilaje are receiving the required support and monthly peace and security meeting with the executive and management of the local government. With the collaboration we have with Wave Academy, over 500 youths had benefited from the employability training. Over 600 youths also benefited from the free Google Digital Skill training which most beneficiaries would have received their certificates via email from Google Inc. As we are embarking on a journey into another electioneering period, let’s shun violence and report cases of such to the appropriate quarters to arrest such situation before its escalated. Let’s be civic, polite and law abiding citizens of Nigeria. As the Executive Chairman of our dear local government, more is expected from us from the grassroot, we won’t fail you. We, together, will make Somolu to be great. Happy Independence Somolu Happy Independence Lagos Happy Independence Nigeria Thank you. I wish you a Happy Independence! Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu Executive Chairman, Somolu Local Government. October 1, 2018. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF WHIP, LAGOS STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY Happy Independence Day 2018 Hon. Rotimi Abiru, member representing Somolu II and Chief Whip of the Lagos State House of Assembly has joined the people of Somolu II, Lagosians and indeed all Nigerians to celebrate this year's anniversary of our country's independence.
He said: "we remember with gratitude the sacrifice made by our heroes on this day, fifty-eight years ago when our founding heroes brought independence to Nigeria as a sovereign nation." Adding that: "whatever capacity or privileged position you hold, we must loyally and consistently build on the sacrifices of our founding fathers to work towards a constantly developing and bettering nation." "I offer my best wishes to you & your family on this special day, and I wish you a memorable independence day", the statement read. Happy Independence, Happy New Month! Signed: Wise Media Team OFFICE OF THE FEDERAL HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SHOMOLU CONSTITUENCY HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY NIGERIA Today marks 58 years of our independence from our colonial masters. These years have been filled with lots of milestones that have been marked by our great nation Nigeria. Today's celebration is that of hope and aspirations for a greater Nigeria because as a nation we will continue to stand firm with a determined and resilient spirit.
I rejoice with our people in both Somolu and Bariga today and I pray we shall all reap the fruits of our labour. . SIGNED: Hon. Wole Diya Member, House of Representatives Shomolu Constituency Courtesy Word Miners

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