Yvonne Imongan Waje's Personal Assistant: I Almost Lost My Life Working With You

Waje's former assistant, Yvonne Imongan, has called out the singer who penned down a post to young people seeking success.

Waje in her post had stated that young people think that success is all about wearing makeup, smiling, and taking photos, however the struggle is real and not as glamorous as they think. The singer also disclosed that in the last 3 months she has worked with 4 personal assistants, and they all thought that the job was about taking photos while complaining that the job was stressful.

However reacting to the claims, Waje's former assistant, Yvonne who disclosed that she almost lost her life while working with the singer, added that personal assistants are people's children not classified maids. Waje's former assistant wrote;

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