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Imagine yourself with a guy who does not love you, a guy who does not respect you, a guy who does not go out of his way to protect you.

And he just see you as a woman who will do all his chores. Usually you fall for guys who are not worthy of your love and attention. But then, love is blind too.

If you love someone truly, then you would want to marry that person instantly. But marriage is a very big and life - changing step. So never marry a guy who has these eight habits given below:

1. Narrow minded.
A guy who does not trust you is always going to put a restriction on every little things of yours. He will not see the amount of loyalty you are showing towards him. There will be conditions for everything you do. He will stop you from doing absolutely each and every normal thing in life. Maybe because of fear that something bad would happen. Any such guy could ruin your life.

So dump such guy instead of marrying him.

2. Hates Animals.
Any guy who hates animals is not a good human himself. He does not have empathy. Having an allergy to something or some animal is a separate thing but hating them is just out of the league. If you are thinking about marrying a guy who does not like animals, rethink your decision now.

3. Does not consider relationship rules.
Every relationships have some rules. If the guy you are with is not able to remain up to the mark, that clearly means he has got no respect for you or for the relationship. If he does that again and again, then that is a visible indication that he is not worthy of your time and love.

4. Breaks promises.
If a guy keeps on breaking promises, then that means he is either making fool out of you or he is not interested in you. He has got no care for you. If something happens and he was not able to fulfill the commitment once then that is bearable but not for the second time.

5. Puts you on second number always.
Relationship is all about given and take. If you are continuously making an effort to keep the relationship going while he always put you down or put you on the second number, then it is a sure fact that he is not interested in you or does not love you. Never ever think about marrying such a guy.

6. No moment for Epiphany.
If a guy consistently thinks that the decision he took , every step that he takes, everything that he will do will turn out to be just perfect, then he must be living in a bubble as he considers himself Mr. Perfect. You should never seek a guy who does such things and does not realize that his thinking is wrong for marriage.

7. Excuses.
Excuses are the greatest way of saying 'i have got other important things to do and you really do not matter to me'. If he keeps on making excuses and try to cover the things by making up stories, then it is evident that he does not care for you.

8. Keeps the fight going.
Fights are a very usual path of any relationship.At times in a relationship, fights are important too. But if they never come to an end then there will be no room for commitment anymore. Life and relationships are always full of compromises and sacrifices and if he does not listen to your problems and instead keeps on fighting about the same thing over and over again, then you should know this relationship needs to end soon.

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