Are You Entitled To Your Boyfriend/girlfriend's Money? - Romance

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These days, you will meet single men and women the world over, who have the mindset that being in a relationship with someone they deem financially comfortable, automatically means they do not have to pay for their own stuff anymore.

They feel entitled to their partners’ money. Raising hell if said partner gets to a point where they feel used. A lot of people have opinions on this ranging from the fact that someone says I love you to them means s/he owes them the good life and if they cannot provide it, its ‘on to the next one’.

Not to be gender specific, because this situation goes both ways, however, it is quite common to see many young single ladies adopt the same mindset.

They attach so much importance to a man being financially responsible for all their needs, especially the young ladies who have no specific means of regular income.

The question is however, does a man truly need to cater to all his woman’s needs while they are dating? Is this not an unnecessary burden on him?

Doesn’t this ‘mindset’ being proliferated even to younger girls, a way of demeaning a woman in a relationship?

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