PHOTOS; Winners From Faculty Of Education NUESA NTC 5.0 GRAND FINALE

1st    Àjàlà Olúwadámiláre Kàbírù
2nd   Omeka Philomena Onwany
3rd   Olabiran Taiwo Oriyomi
4th   Crystal Aruchi Mmeriebekini
5th   Salami Taiwo Azeez
6th   Fakayode Aina Monsurat

Congratulations To You All Participants 

To us at TEAM #NTC5.0, you all are winners because out of over 6000 NUESAites, you deem it fit to register, show your skills and try your luck and so we celebrate you.

To the NEXT RATED STUDENT TEACHER OF THE YEAR, congratulations to you, we hope to see you do more subsequently.

To all the planning committee members of NTC 5.0, you all are duly appreciated, there wouldn't have been another successful edition of NTC if not for you, may the almighty replenish your time, energy and funds in million folds.

To the PR team, I must say you guys are LEGENDS, you did it from the preliminaries to the finals, it was an amazing opportunity having you people around. God over bless you too.

To all NUESAITES who came out to support and witness the EVOLUTION, may we have cause to celebrate more with eachother. God bless you too.

To our lecturers, our daddies and mummies, panel of judges too. May you live longer to impact us the more and may the almighty grant your wishes too.

 And do not forget that the fun continues today as we go on with the NUESA WEEK 2018... Today is for TRADITIONAL ATTIRES AND GARRI AND FISH AND KULIKULI... You sure don't wanna miss... Call time is 12pm sharp.. 

Opomulero Daniel Oluwasegun

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