Bariga Council Chairman Celebrated One Year in Office With Account of Stewardship


Today, we celebrate a special day ; a fresh opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the cause of a peaceful and prosperous Bariga. In compliance with your mandate, which you freely given to Hon Kolade Alabi , the chairman of this local council , an area of deep-rooted history, colourful traditions and immense resilience.
In the past one year especially, this administration has acquired an enviable reputation for its people oriented programmes. In several aspects of development it has led the way for others to follow. It embraced constitutional democracy with resolute faith and consistency. In the process, and sometimes at great cost, it has been a passionate advocate of wholesome democracy. And in so doing the administration have lit brightly the path of all inclusive governance .

In seeking to meet your aspirations within the shortest possible period, this administration pay particular attention to the core areas of education,
development of quality human capital; youth employment /empowerment, women empowerment ; infrastructural development; ; security ; healthcare and the environment.

It goes without saying that good education is the bedrock of all civilisations. The administration therefore undertake to continue the ongoing educational reforms which have lifted the public schools to new levels of excellence.
In the area of education, an MoU was signed with a private organization for a project called CLEAN WATER 4 ALL INITIATIVE. This project will provide Bucket Filters and Tap-head Filter in all primary schools to dispense potable water for our pupils. The pilot project was launched at Ajidagan Primary School, also 20 blocks of toilets was recently constructed in Gbagada Girls Junior High School to ease the students welfare, and the administration will in a matter of days open a library completed with an ICT centre

To ensure a healthy and cleaner environment, Alabi initiate a cleaner Bariga initiative to key in to His excellency, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode's Cleaner Lagos initiative and practically got involved in the cleaning exercises. Bariga readily have an environmental gang, a team that works in all canals, drainages and black spot areas in Bariga, in the past 365 days. Under the initiative, all the major canals, drainages and black spots have witnessed total evacuation. On the part of government, Kolade Alabi said his administration will continue to do all that is necessary to enforce the town planning and environmental laws whilst taking forward the waste to wealth programme to be*nstituted soon .

In the first 365 days of this administration, 4 new roads were constructed. These are Eyiowuawi street, Danmole street, Akanbi street and Ogunmefun street. It has constructed 42 precast culverts and graded over 39 roads across all wards, rehabilitated the secretariat office complex to a modern one, a super equipped marriage registry , beautiful canteen, and a state of the art multipurpose hall amongst others.
The administration is currently embarking on the construction of seven roads with drainages at the local council areas , and the roads are on 75 % completion, the roads are Jolaosho street, Adeyinka Oshijo, Adetoke street, Emmanuel Street , Ewe-Nla Street, and Community street .
The roads construction will continue with Falade street, Akinwale street, Alfa Sanni, Falade, the foot bridge between Olorunfemi/ Olorunesan and Thomas Drive . And Under the intervention of the state government the following roads will be done( in which eleven of them will commence on September): *Ososa cresent Ososa Avenue, Pemu Otunubi, Onajimi street, Odo Oba, Awofodu street , Adewunmi/Ayinke street, Kusa street , Ifelodun street , Community Road, Ajiun street, and Afolabi Brown, Bolowosere street, Bello street, Kayose Adebiyi, and Ayoka

Health they say is wealth, the Kolade Alabi's administration has embarked on restructuring of the primary health centres in Bariga, more doctors and nurses have been employed to cater for the shortage of personells in the centres, and equipped with modern medical facilities to provide good and qualitative medical services to the residents.

Crime is one societal ill of which the generality of the people suffer alike, irrespective of status. The council boss is aware of the crime situation in many parts of the council area, On inception this Government put machinery in place to engage the boys by empowering them , a peace talk was held between the stakeholders and Bariga is now crime free, where residents can sleep with their two eyes closed.

Determined to reduce the high rate of unemployment in the local government council area, he engaged some youth in Bariga , to provide template to empower the youths( skilled and unskilled ) within the area, the initiative will be launched soon.
The recently signed regeneration plan of the administration apart from improving the living conditions of the people through infrastructure, will also provide jobs for the youth, women, and widows alike.

The administration's massive regeneration plan *Modeled in line with the Lagos State Government’s Public-Private Partnerships policy, a Special Purpose Company to be known as Bariga Heritage Investment Company (BHIC) is being set up by Bariga LCDA and Octragon to build these residential and commercial apartments of high rise buildings across the LCDA to accommodate over 500,000 new residents and more than 500,000 visitors and workers per day. Catering for the lower, middle and upper income existing and new Bariga residents, the new digital community will be a creation from the existing one whereby all facilities that will match what is obtainable anywhere in the world will be provided .
With determination to protect and advance this great heritage, no doubt that the coming years portend a vast opportunities as well as the prospects of wonderful achievements as it engage in a massive regeneration plan, the way is clear; Alabi have the will and, by the Grace of God almighty, he will succeed. He's not unaware of the daunting challenges, but neither is he afraid to confront them.

Tunde Akere
SA media , Chairman Bariga LCDA.

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