FCPM Writes UI VC Over Suspension Of Colleague

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The free Campus Press Movement writes an Open letter to the Vice Chancellor of University of Ibadan, Prof. Idowu Olayinka over the suspension of a graduating student, Kunle Adebajo. The open letter reads thus;
Dear Sir,
Open-mindedly, we write this letter with the knowledge that indeed, University of Ibadan is seen and confirmed to be one of the best in the world.
We are profusely concerned about the suspension of a graduating law student, Kunle Adebajo, who is also a campus journalist in the University of Ibadan. We are not least disappointed by this development but we are surprised,  owning to the fact that University of Ibadan is known to be the premier University in Nigeria and at thus, it is expected that it should be at the forefront of positivity in the country. 
We are pushing some positions in this open letter, because we deal with facts and objectivity . 
1- You would agree with us that the success of your tenure and the public knowing about your policies and giant strides can be attributed to the efforts of the campus journalists through their fact-based and objective reports. 
2- You would also agree with us that most of the information filter out from your campus are through  the journalistic discharge of the campus journalists.  The facts are there to show and we will not hesitate to provide, if demanded.
3- At each point when Campus Journalists write about your great policies, we understand you always feel they are your partners in progress. We however, call your attention to the fact that journalism is different from public relations. Journalism is basically meant to hold government accountable.
4- Let us remind  you that during the last protest against the alleged poor welfare in the institution and suspension of one student, you had a meeting with the campus journalists through the Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan (UCJ UI). You implored them to dispel the rumors on your high-handedness and so on. Various platforms reported the press conference and the same campus journalists (as the voice of the masses) did not deny you a voice.
5- We are aware of meetings and efforts put in place by campus journalists to project the name of University of Ibadan on several occasions.This, exactly was what Kunle Adebajo did in 2016.
6- We are sure you will agree that every human being has the right of expression and constructive opinion, except you disagree that democracy is not functional in University of Ibadan. As a bona fide citizen of Nigeria, Kunle Adebajo has the right to his own opinion, which he articulated through the piece he published in 2016.
7- On the said article that Kunle Adebajo wrote in 2016, we believe  that it must have made you get some information about somethings your tenure needs to put in place. We are also sure you noted them immediately you saw them in the article.You would also agree that Kunle sought to ensure that University of Ibadan gets better and thus, showcased and explored that in the piece.
8- We wish to inform you that this same piece won Kunle Adebajo many awards. Are you then opining that those who awarded him locally and internationally did not want the best for University of Ibadan? Or does that mean they did not have enough intellect to see that the writer meant to destroy University of Ibadan in the piece? No sane judge will award a piece that is capable of jeopardizing or defaming the reputation of an institution. If you demand to know some of the judges, we will gladly provide them.
9- Are you also aware that Kunle Adebajo won international awards that must have given University of Ibadan another rise among international institutions? We believe you agree that no University wants to lose her best products
10- We are of the belief that Journalism is not a crime and campus journalism is neither synonymous hooliganism nor propaganda! Except you believe otherwise, we think  campus journalism should be regarded.
11- With due respect, we would be glad if you can point to the wrong parts of Kunle's article and where he violated the school law especially the section he violated. Afterall, you run a free and open government, you have said this severally and it is time to show it.
12- If constructive criticism is a prohibited in your government, we urge you to make it clear. It is better to let people know  your stand on sensitive issues.
13- Are you aware that University of Ibadan has produced many top-notch journalists who started as campus journalists? We believe you should be proud of this, except we are wrong.
14- We whole-heartedly believe you have nothing against campus journalism and we believe this decision to suspend Kunle Adebajo could have been looked into deeply.
15- Do you agree that education needs revamping in Nigeria and the state of things is disappointing? Of course the funding needs to improve. wet believe you agree that there are lots of imperfections in University of Ibadan, some of which you cannot even fund yourself and campus journalists need to put everyone on their toes.
16- We believe you have got information about our campaign to get Kunle Adebajo reinstated and that we are scared that you are unknowingly killing  campus journalism which will be dangerous for journalism as a whole.
17- Accept our good wishes. We understand that knowledge is a wide ocean, which no one can swim to its pinnacle. We look forward seeing you using your good office to stop this victimization of not only Kunle Adebajo but all campus journalists. We will continue to demand this because we know it is a right.
Sir, finally, campus journalists are not alone. we are surrounded by a big family of the pen, not only in Nigeria but across the world. 

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