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This is for the “Fooballers are richer than musicians” Nigerian crowd who think the world starts and ends with football. Lol
American rapper, Jay Z has displaced Sean Diddy Combs as the wealthiest Hip-hop artist on Forbes 2018 edition.
Jay Z topped the list as he emerged with an estimated net worth of $900 million.
His earnings took out Diddy from the number 1 spot, a title he previously held for seven consecutive years.
The rapper improved on his net worth from $810 million to $900 million over the past years, seizing hip-hop’s cash crown for the first time since Forbes started counting back in 2011.
Diddy is now placed at the number 2 with estimated net worth at $825 million, while Dr. Dre keeps his number 3 spot after his net worth increased from $740 million to $770 million.
Fellow rappers, Eminem and Drake emerged 4th and 5th position with net worth estimated at $100 million respectively.

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