Caleb Writes Comrade Ojo Rahmon On Born Day Celebration

Nigeria, we hail thee
Our own dear native land
Though tribes and tongues may differ
In brotherhood we stand
Nigeria I'm proud to serve
Our sovereign motherland

Education is the best legacy right! The greatest disease of human is inability to express oneself politely right! One greatest weapon to have a developed country is passion for the country right! The best platform for student to acquire leadership experience is SUG as your nickname implies.

Comrade Ojo Rahmon Opeyemi popularly known as SUG on Campus and Silencer among political associate. It has been proved over time that responsibility makes one responsible, it gives me a great passion to see you Serve the good people of Microbiology Department in the journey of four years as wished, it also worth to say the spirit of comradeship in you is second to none and the doggedness act in you can't be sweep under the rug.

Comrade Ojo Rahmon Opeyemi born on 24th  of February, into the family of Ojo originated from South west, reside in South west and school within South west.

I sincerely want to say Happy Born Day with an Aluta spirit we share, Aluta struggle we have been part of and Victoria Ascerta we have celebrated together.

I pray to Almighty creator to make you see many more years to come in good health.


On this note I say congratulations one more time to the greatest Microbiology Student for having you as their representative, Congratulations to Barigans for having you and congratulations to Nigerians at large.

Olonitola Oluwaseun Caleb
Saturday, 24th February, 2018.

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